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NorthWest Engineering Service, Inc. is a leader in the industry, providing engineering services supplemental to design and installation that ensure high performance building systems become a reality. Our goal is to optimize facility performance, energy efficiency, and safety.

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Our Emphasis on Safety

COVID-19 represents a serious threat to returning employees and building occupants. As a local company, we are focused on watching out for our community as they go back to work. Our services help to reduce the risks that companies face when bringing back employees.

Healthy employees come from healthy buildings. One of the ways that you can prevent your building from causing harm to its occupants is to go through our Healthy Buildings Survey here.

Patients Say

“A great benefit of Parkside is its peaceful location and the impeccable medical and nursing service.”

Ryan Printz

“My treatment was second to none and all the staff at Clarendon were efficient, polite and caring”

Nicole Smith

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Bruce Gilpin

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Getting a consultation is one of the quickest and most effective ways of understanding whether or not your building is at risk of creating an unhealthy environment for your employees. Our Healthy Buildings Services include:

OSA intakes/exhaust discharges separation


Schedule of operations

Building automation controls


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